Friday, April 30, 2010


Tomorrow night, Saturday night, thousands upon thousands of Jews will make the pilgrimage up to the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, or the Rashbi in Meron to daven (pray) by his graveside.  If they started going up already, chances are they had the chance to daven at the gravesides of other tzaddikim such as the Arizal, Rabbi Akiva and more.  Now, to many people this might sound like a very christian thing to do, but this practice was going on in Judaism, long before christianity was around.  Of course, nobody is praying TO these tzaddikim, but simply praying in the merit of these tzaddikim.  Do we need tzaddikim for G-d to hear our prayers?  Of course not, G-d hears all prayers, but does praying in the merit of a great tzaddik hurt?  Of course not!  It only helps!  Another good and holy practice is to bind ourselves to the teachings of a tzaddik, and to follow his advice, since he knows the best way to help us.  A good tzaddik to bind yourself to, is of course our holy Rabbi and Master, Rabbeinu Nachman.  Although, it wouldn't hurt to find a tzaddik in the flesh as well.  Of course, how do we find such a true tzaddik?  By davening to Hashem that she should help us!  Hatzlacha to all in your quests to find true tzaddikim.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


There is only one Truth.  The Truth is that Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is the only G-d, there are no others, and that He is One.  The Truth is also that He gave us his Torah, so we could learn from it, and walk it's peaceful paths, and be the best Jews we can possibly be.  The Truth is also, that Hashem has granted the world tzaddikim, righteous people who can help clarify the Truth for us, help us learn, live our lives as they should be lived, and who can help us pray, and above all, help elevate our souls.  But, these people are not G-d, they only help us to serve G-d.  The Truth is simple, it is sheker (falsehood) that is complicated.
"There may be many lies, but there is only one truth."  Likutey Moharan I 51

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On a Narrow Bridge

"And know; in life a person has to pass over a very narrow bridge.  The main this is not to be afraid."  Likutey Moharan II, 48

This blog is dedicated to the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov OBM (1772-1810).  I myself first got into Breslov Chassidus when I was studying in Israel at the age of 25, by picking up a book called The Garden of Emunah; which focuses on one of Rabbi Nachman's main teachings, that Hashem is good, and that everything He does for us, is ultimately for our benefit, and one of our main jobs,  is to have simple, faith in Hashem.  This book, also opened the door for me to some of the Rebbe's other teachings, such as simplicity, joy, and talking to Hashem in your own words, also known as Hisbodedut.  In this blog, I hope to explore more of the Rebbe's teachings, and hopefully spread the word as it were, to more people.
The title of this blog, and of this post, is taken from one of Rebbe Nachman's main quotes, one of his most famous quotes, and the simple meaning is, is that this world is a narrow bridge to the next world, and that it is far to easy to fall off the bridge, and get trapped by various desires, but if we just have a simple faith, in Hashem, and his Torah, and we stay focused on doing what is right and turning to Hashem, we have nothing to fear.