Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be the CEO

Recently, I saw a great video on Aish, that can be found by using this link.  Basically the premise of it, is that when we say Shema, we come to the realization that Hashem is the CEO of the Universe, and we are just an employee, but we are more than employee.  We are an employee child of Hashem, and so everything that happens to us, is because He wants it to happen to us, and we can learn something from it.  This idea, is a very Breslov idea.  But, we can go deeper.  For our day to day lives, we can be the CEO, and we want to be the CEO, why?  Because the CEO gets to make the decisions.  Sadly most people think they are the CEO of their own lives, but really they are not, they are just an employee.  They think they make decisions, but they don't, because a CEO has to see the long term picture, "is what I am doing today, going to better me in the future?"  An employee, only has to deal with the short term, "what is the best way to finish this", or more likely "what is the easiest way to get this done?" An employee, lets things happen to him, a CEO makes things happen.  When we become the CEO, Hashem then becomes like the board of directors, ultimately, still guiding us, but taking more of a hands off approach, because He knows, that we will most often do the right thing, react the right way, and He doesn't have to meddle in our lives as much.  When you make the decision to get up at 6 daily, learn Torah and daven before work, then Hashem can take great pleasure in knowing that He has obviously hired a great CEO, but when a person struggles to get up (I am guilty of this), doesn't always make time for learning, and forgets that he has a boss (Hashem) and acts like an employee who thinks he is the boss, then Hashem has to send that person a reminder, that He is in charge, and most employees don't like that kind of a reminder.  For a CEO knows, that even though he gets to make great day to day decisions, ultimately, the board of directors is still above him.  So, would you rather have Hashem be your immediate supervisor, yelling at you, as you will, or would you rather He just has to send you gentle reminders for how your life should be going, because He knows, you will get the memo.

Monday, February 6, 2012


As I write this blog, there is about 142 hours left till my wedding officially begins with the tisch.  So much has happened in the 8 months since we got engaged.  Friends have gotten engaged or married, and many did both.  My cousin got married, I got a new job, my kallah moved from LA to Chicago to help with planning.  So much.  At times the stress has been high, at other times, not so much.  But, if this has taught me anything it is that Hashem truly rules the world.  I am grateful for all the people who are helping with everything and wow.  While the stress is still high, not unmanageable just high, I can sit back, relax and know that it will all be over soon, and then the real work begins.