Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dancing in the dark

The other day, we had the chance at my Yeshiva to dance in the dark.  Only, it wasn't really dancing, we were davening.  It was still dark though.  Why do I say we were dancing?  Because, when you daven, yes you are talking to Hashem, but your neshamos are dancing because of the pleasure that we, little old me, gets an audience with Ha Kodesh Baruch Hu, and he listens to me, while I thank and praise him and ask things of him.  Now, the other day, when the power was out at the Yeshiva due to a storm, it was dark in the Beis Medresh.  Normally, the Yetzer Hara would grab a hold of a person, and say something like, "how are you going to daven in this, you can't see the siddur?"  But, we, and I didn't listen.  So we davened, and our neshamos danced a little extra that morning.

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