Monday, September 10, 2012


Hashem blessed me with a job today.  After two months of being jobless, and applying to countless jobs, and getting almost zero responses, and if I got a response, it was no, I finally got a job.  It was a long two months, frustrating at times, but I tried, I tried so hard to keep my faith in Hashem, and I admit, it wavered at times, "why is this happening?"  "What does Hashem want from me?" etc.  It was hard, but then on Thursday, I got a call from somebody I had only met a few times before, and I am not even sure how he got my number.  He said that he was leaving, and that I should meet with his boss.  I met with the boss the next day Friday, and his boss said now is not a good time, come back on Monday, I did that, and then I was pushed off till Monday afternoon.  I came back, we sat down, I thought the meeting went well, and the job is mine on a trial basis.  The job is in an industry I never thought I would work in, with responsibilities I never have had before, and I look forward to proving to Hashem, my boss, my new customers and co workers, and of course myself that I can handle it all.
Thank you Hashem for the chessed you have shown me, even though my faith wavered at times.  Thank you thank you and Thank you!

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