Saturday, November 2, 2013

The path you want to go...

It is well known that Hashem leads a person on the path that they wish to go down.  If a person wants to go down a path that is disgusting, anti-Torah and the like, Hashem will lead him down that path, even as He "cries."  However if a person wants to go on a path that is Torah, emuna and filled with holiness, than Hashem will lead a person down that path if that is what he wants.  Hashem has led me down the path that I want to go and that is why I am typing this from the holy city, Jerusalem, on motzie Shabbos, as I prepare for another day of learning at the glorious yeshiva Chut Shel Chessed, also known as Rabbi Shalom Arush's yeshiva.  The learning is fantastic, and so are the people.  If a person wants to work on his relationship with God, this is a place to learn the tools to do so.  I look forward to all the learning that I will do in the coming days and weeks.  God willing look for more updates soon.

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