Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back to basics

Rebbe Nachman cautions us to avoid reading books of philosophy.  Now, as a salesman, we are constantly encouraged to read books on self improvement, and challenging ourselves, and not being lazy, and whatnot.  But, even these books can leave in your mind that everything, especially in sales, is up to you.  That there is something else you can do to get the sale next time.  But, as a Jew, I know that I can do as much as I can do, and the effort (something I have always struggled with) is up to me, but the result is up to Hashem.  Its tough at times to keep that in mind, but I just, I think have to have greater gratitude for what I have in life, and appreciate every little thing that comes my way.  That is why this week, I have made it my mission to read nothing but Breslov Sfarim, the works of Rebbe Nachman and Reb Nosson, as well as Rabbi Arush, and Rabbi Brody, and get back to the basic mindset of a Breslover Chassid (as much as possible) and G-d willing to really work on my Avodah and Hisbodedut.

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