Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Human beings are meant to grow.  We are meant to change, over time for the better.  Our traits are meant to be improved upon, slowly over time, we are supposed to be more patient, less angry, more giving, less stingy, etc.  Judaism says that if you want to be happy, you have to be growing.  It is commonly said that if you are not growing in your Judaism, you are sinking, there is no standing still, and if you feel that you are standing still, than you are for sure sinking!  The Vilna Gaon says that we were put on this earth in order to grow.  Also, Rabbi Schafier of the Shmuz says that we are only going to truly be happy when we are growing, and coming closer to Hashem, something Chassidus says as well.  Rabbi Schafier likens this world to a gym, a world of growth, sweat, and hard work, and then we can enjoy the spa of the afterlife after all the hard work we put in down here.  If you have ever taken a shower after a nice workout, than you certainly know what that feels like.  Only, heaven is over a million times better than that.

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