Monday, December 24, 2012

Problems and background.

First things first, on the lighter side of things, I have a new background, which I found on the website:
Much thanks to the Rabbi of the site for pointing to me where I could actually download the picture to use myself.
On the heavier side of things, I have problems, everybody does, and marriage just makes them worse in many cases, especially if you don't realize that you have them.  However, sometimes marriage allows you and forces you to confront these problems, and work on them in ways that you might not have been strong enough or able to do on your own.  One such problem I have had was with eating, I have always had a problem with eating ever since I got to college.  I never really learned how to self regulate my food intake, so I gained weight, cause I would always eat to much- eating was a very pleasurable activity, and since I did not have a lot of friends who I would eat by, I ate more than I should because I wasn't conversing in the middle of eating, which helps cut down on food intake.  Recently my wife and I decided to go to OA to try and get help with our eating and get it under control.  The other problem I have had also became much more of a problem in college, only I didn't realize it was such a problem until it almost cost me my marriage two months ago.  I am an internet porn addict.  Thank Hashem, I have been clean for almost 2 months now, steps have been taken to prevent the problem from being an issue in the immediate and long term sense, and I am getting help.  My message is, if you have a problem, admit it, seek help.  You will save major headaches if you can sense a problem before it becomes worse.  A Moshal if you will:  Getting a cavity drilled, and filled involves a little bit of pain, time and money.  But if you ignore the problem, getting a crown or even a root canal, involves a lot more pain, time and money.  There is no shame in getting help, only in not getting it.

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