Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Here is a list of all that makes a person a Ben Torah, or at least how he may be recognized as such.  The original post is here:

  • He is a Yarei Shamayim, meticulous with halacha andmehader with mitzvot

  • He has a great desire to grow in Torah, in yirat Shamayim, and in tikkun hamidot. He does not stand in one place, advancing step by step.

  • He is a matmid, engrossed in learning, yearning to be atalmid chacham and a gadol baTorah.

  • He utilizes time and is makpid on sedarim and zmanim(and zmanei tefillah).

  • He is engrossed in his tefillah, davening with kavanah and not merely habitually.

  • His ways are pleasant and his face shines; ShemShamayim is beloved because of him.

  • He is giving, kind and always ready to assist and help.

  • He is mezakeh the community and is sensitive to its needs.

  • He loves peace and runs from strife.

  • He distances himself far from lashon hara and is careful with his friend’s kavod.

  • He is thoughtful and not disturbing.

  • He does not read things which are inappropriate nor listen to things which are inappropriate.

  • He is modest in his ways, in his dress, even in his room and while sleeping. He is mekayem ולא תתורו...אחרי עיניכם.

  • He is mekadesh Shem Shamayim in all his ways, whether in yeshiva, at home, or in the street. 
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