Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Healing Leaves

"Know and remember this well, my son:  Man came into this world only to believe in God.  This is the reason for his creation and why the entire world and everything in it, which is dependent on man, was created."
The above was from Reb Nosson's letters to his friends and family (number 43), and is a good reminder as to why we are here.  It reminds me of a poem that I konw from Robert William Service, called Carry On.  The gist of this poem is that it is easy to keep going and to carry on, if you will when things are going well.  When things aren't going well, that we need the pick me up, but what happens when things aren't going well?  We tend to shut down, to blame Hashem, and when things are going great, we tend to forget about all the tools Hashem gave us, and we feel that it is all us that did it.  But we have to KNOW, not just believe, but know that everything good or bad that happens to us is from Hashem and meant to bring us closer to Him.
More to come, since I haven't written in awhile and I would like to make this more regular again.

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