Monday, January 23, 2012

Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht

Translated from the Yiddish, the title means that Man plans and God laughs.  I had my own experience with that this Shabbos.  My plan was to spend Shabbos in a certain neighborhood, like always, with my Kallah.  However, do to a snow storm on Friday that rendered the highways horrible, I realized about an hour before sunset, that I would not make it to my intended destination.  I then called my friend and told him that I would be spending Shabbos with his family.  He said fine, and I then called my Kallah and other people I would need to let know that I was not coming.  Well, sunset came sooner than my car could move, and I found myself needing to ditch my car about a mile and a half from even my secondary destination.  I have never walked that far in snow before, and I am glad to say that I found it enjoyable, and refreshing, and above all, I am proud that I was able to do it as well.  Thank you Hashem for that.  When I got to where I was going, I was glad to see a friend was there for Shabbos as well, who now that he was married, I no longer got to hangout with as much as we used to.  In the end I spent Shabbos exactly where Hashem wanted me to spend it, even if I didn't plan it like that.  The lesson is, sometimes, things go horribly wrong, and we can deal with it one of two ways.  We can deal with it with Emunah and Bitachon, trusting that everything will work out (because it will) and that what is happening is the best, and therefore we can deal with it with a smile on our face, or we can get upset, and pout, and be miserable, and miss all the good that we would never have experienced if we had gotten what we wanted in the first place.

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