Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You are what you eat.

Judaism would def agree with that statement, you are what you eat.  After all, it can be surmised that one of the reasons we keep kosher is because we are what we eat, and it is important to watch what goes into our bodies, not just for a spiritual reason, but also for a physical reason.  For this reason, my wife and I are- starting Sunday going to be really strict about what we eat, and only eat fruits and veggies for ten days, to promote health and wellbeing.  While we have both been very good about only putting kosher food into our system since we came religious, we have not been so good about putting in healthy food, and the results, sadly show.  Therefore, I am excited to try and limit my intake to veggies fruits and other no animal and ideally no sugar added (or corn startchy products) especially after watching some documentaries.  Ideally I'll be healthier and happier!

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